Simeto Kabelsysteme GmbH

In Klingenthal, Sachsen, Germany, our production area measures more than 4,000 m². We are currently employing > 150 skilled workers, specialised in producing individual parts, ready-for-installation electric wire systems and electromechanical modules for customer specifications.

The management, administration, bases development for methods and quality as well as prototyping are located in Klingenthal.

The company SIMETO has recorded continuous growth in the last decade. Our philosophy is to emphasise the balance between sales expansion, cost development and productivity.

As a forward-looking company, we are permanently constructing and expanding our services.

Range of processing

Our spectrum of processing offers a wide
range of cables and isolated materials e.g.

  • flexible connecting and steering cables (PVC, rubber and others)
  • temperature resistant cables (Silikon-PTFE-isolated)
  • shielded datacables
  • spiral cables

Flexible tools and our own tools construction enable us to
assemble cast-on contacts, cable shoes and connectors of all
well-known manufacturers in:

  • crimping technology
  • insulation displacement
  • spot welding

Wires and cables
Individual wires and strands from 0.09 - 50.0 mm²
Flat ribbon cables AWG 28 - AWG 24
Light plastic-sheathed cables in PVC, PUR, silicone - shielded / unshielded
Specific devices and network lines
Audio cables (cinching, jack)
Coaxial cables
USB cables for computer applications
Telephone cables 4, 6 and 8-pin with connection peripherals
Special custom cables

Connection technology
Crimped connections according to DIN EN 60352-2
Insulation displacement connections according to DIN EN 60352-3 / 4
Press-in connections (e.g. flanged sleeves in printed circuit board) according to DIN EN 60352-5
Insulation piercing connections (modular plug) according to DIN EN 60352-6
Spring clamp connections (cage tension spring) according to DIN EN 60352-7
Soldering technology
Arc welding technology
Compacting and welding
Hot caulking of plastic parts

Isolating, binding and protecting
Insulating hoses in PVC, silicone, glass fibre
Heat shrink tubes and heat shrink parts
Corrugated pipe / corrugated hose
Drum with PVC or fibre ribbon (up to 150°C)
Cable binding systems
1 and 2-component casting, curing in heating furnace  
Low pressure injection potting technology

Measuring and testing
Electrical continuity tests
High voltage tests
Grinding marks laboratory
Electronic extraction force monitoring

Simeto Kabelsysteme GmbH

Location description:

The Vogtland business location benefits from its central location and good transport links to the Czech Republic, Bavaria and Thuringia. Automotive suppliers, mechanical engineering companies and the textile industry in particular have established themselves in the surrounding area.

The town of Klingenthal, with a population of around 9,000, is located in the south-east of the Vogtland region, close to the border with the Czech Republic. Klingenthal has become known primarily as a holiday resort and winter sports centre, as well as for its musical instrument manufacturing.

The town was founded in 1591 with the construction of a hammer mill on the Zwota stream. In the middle of the 17th century, Bohemian emigrants settled in Klingenthal and brought violin making here with them. This was the beginning of the traditional instrument production in the village. Subsequently, various woodwind and brass instruments, mouth organs and hand organs were added, some of which are still manufactured today and exported worldwide.

Surrounded by the densely wooded mid-mountain landscape of the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park, many tourists have discovered Klingenthal and the surrounding area. The well-developed network of paths on the heights around Klingenthal and the charming landscape are inviting for hiking, and numerous inns are ideal for a stay. In winter, over 100 km of cross-country ski trails and several ski slopes with lifts offer perfect conditions for skiers.

Klingenthal is also known as a World Cup venue for ski jumping and Nordic combined, and the new large ski jump "Vogtland Arena" on the Schwarzberg offers ideal conditions for this. Young talents are trained in the disciplines of cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined at the federal base in Klingenthal.

Map with the location of Simeto Kabelsysteme GmbH


Zwotaer Str. 6
D-08248 Klingenthal


You can easily reach us via the A72 motorway. Use the junction Plauen Süd or Plauen Ost. Continue to follow the signs in the direction for Klingenthal.

More locations:

SIMETO kabelové systémy s.r.o., Czech Republic

35801 Kraslice

Map with the location of Simeto Kabelsysteme GmbH

SCS SIMETO Cablaj Sistems S.R.L., Romania

430311 Baia Mare

Map with the location of Simeto Kabelsysteme GmbH

Job offers

The company SIMETO was able to record continuous growth in the last decade. As a future-oriented company, this development will continue with the further build-up and expansion of our services. We are looking for motivated employees for this purpose.

Please preferably send your applications by e-mail to info(at)

Job offers

Our profile

We are an established company and have been working in the business fields for many year

  • Cable assembly - Cable systems - Wiring harnesses
  • Electromechanical modules / component manufacturing
  • Injection potting technology
  • Winding goods

Company history


1958 Founding of the company as a cooperative, called “Melodie”, manufacturing accordions

1961 Modification of the production to electronics/ electro-technology, repairing TVs and radios, installing safety systems

1963 Manufacturing analogous gauges for export and for use in GDR schools in physics

1964 Renaming into SIMETO (Signal- Mess- und Tongeräte) – (signal, measurement and audio equipment)

1990 Privatisation with 250 employees

1991 Focusing on harnessing, circuit board assembly, producing electronic components and analogous meters with 35 employees.

Supplying house appliances and car-manufacturers, producing components for commercial kitchen systems and heating for mobile homes and trucks

1997 Introduction of a quality management system pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9002

1999 Enlargement of production and service

2003 Infrastructure expansion, move to larger production plants

2006 Certificate pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

2007 Foundation of Simeto CZ s.r.o., Czech Republic - today SIMETO kabelové systémy s.r.o.

2008 Restarting the production of wrapped goods

2010 Modernisation of 5,000 m² premises and 4,000 m² production area is finished

2014 Process auditing UL-standard file number E470529

2015 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004

2018 Foundation of SCS, Simeto Cablaj Sistems S.R.L., Romania

Deliveries to reputable OEMs in the wide range of electrical industries, mainly in the segments automotive, medical technology, mechanical and apparatus engineering, household appliance technology, measurement and control technology and industrial electronics.